Awaken your body in our personal training centres with the GYROTONIC® method

We work exclusively with the   GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS®  methods and Physiotherapy.

Gràcia Studio

Bonanova Studio

Benefits of the GYROTONIC® exercise

  • Muscle lengthening and toning

  • Increased mobility, strength and joint flexibility

  • Spine strengthening and reduction of back pain

  • Improved posture and body awareness

  • Circulation stimulation

  • Development of concentration, relaxation and co-ordination skills

  • Prevention and reduction of injury risk

  • Increased energy, activation of breathing and relaxation of the body, decreasing tensions.


Fantastic Centre, with highly qualified staff and exquisite attention. The discipline of GYROTONIC is highly gratifying for the harmony of the body. You leave the session with the feeling of having worked and stretched the muscles of the whole body. I RECOMMEND it 100%.

The Gyrotonic body technique is helping me to establish a better body awareness. The perception of the functioning of the body's spaces and contractions, complements very well the practice of performance sports, in my case basketball and gym. I highly recommend anyone interested in getting started with exercise or fine-tuning their sporting performance to give it a try!

GYROTONIC® Bonanova is wonderful! A haven of peace, personalised and very professional treatment. Excellent professionals in the field, they are by your side throughout the class in a personalised way to achieve the best results! Latest technology machines. Thanks to the whole team!

Ideal place to take care of your body and back. Every time I leave the center my feeling is pleasant. I had cervical pains and now I don't remember them anymore.
The attention is exquisite, all the trainers are wonderful.
The atmosphere is one of tranquility and harmony.
Not to mention how beautiful the place is.
If you have any doubts, take the special voucher for a trial of two classes with a super price. I recommend it 100%, that's why I took my mother !!!!

Alba Marcos

Over all these years not only have we helped to improve our clients' posture, agility and flexibility, but we have also intervened in specific rehabilitation programmes for back problems, fibromyalgia, breast cancer, scoliosis, and specific classes for pre- and post-natal care.

Thanks to everyone for making this possible.

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